Monday, April 18, 2011

Calendar Available (from 2009)

The background is; A large European retailer produces a limited edition calendar each year to give to it's fashion designers, clients and journalists. Each year they choose a different artist and in 2009 it was my turn. So, I designed the calendar using one of my paintings for each month. The retailer only offered about 15 of the calendars for sale to the public (which has sold out). I was given a small number of them to offer to my collectors. 
I must say that I am very happy with the way the calendar turned out. They used beautiful paper and a great printer. So the result is that each page feels like a print in it’s own right. So, while it's not very useful as a calendar any longer, it is a very nicely made portfolio of 12 'prints'. It’s also fairly large, measuring 19”x12”. It comes wrapped in a thick custom-made paper case. The price is $275 plus shipping.